The Prologue...

Hey there,

Welcome, welcome! I'm Ali, and I'm absolutely thrilled that you're here. If it were up to me, I'd be writing this with my favorite fountain pen on lavish handmade paper, sealing it all up with a custom wax stamp, and hand-delivering it to you. But let's be real, here I am, cozied up in bed, tapping away at my keyboard. One can still dream, right? Although, if you’re a snail mail lover like me, I’d love to send you some - you can sign up here. For now, let's pretend this digital realm is as vivid as my imagination.

You know what truly warms my heart? Listening to stories. Whether grand sagas or the simplest anecdotes. Those tales that linger, whether they leave us laughing for days or with tears glistening. These moments fuel my soul. So, before we delve into anything else, let me share a tiny snippet of my own story. Oh, and feel free to imagine we're enjoying freshly baked cookies and your favorite cold milk to make this chat extra cozy – I told you, vivid imagination.

Now, let's get down to business (my version). Much of my journey has been about discovering who I am. And in case you missed it (which I doubt, because I tend to make it my entire personality), I'm a proud mixed-race lesbian woman. But that's not our main identity shaped story today – right now, we're here to explore the giant puzzle of my passions and how I landed on this cloud.

Blame it on my Libra Rising & Venus – indecision is my middle name. I've tried every job under the sun (restaurants, retail, healthcare, hospitality, marketing, design). Lived in so many states I usually lose count - plus a three year stint in the UK, and at the ripe age of 29 I'm still staring at the "What do you want to be when you grow up?" question with a completely blank expression. Here's the secret: no one truly has it all figured out. So here I am, reinventing myself for what feels like the millionth time, but deep down returning to my true self – a work in progress, just like everyone else.

Now, my blend of passions. Writing has always been my constant, but design has eternally been my secret crush. I've had a thing for pretty things since forever (thank you again, Libra Rising & Venus). I was the kid completely transfixed by every show on HGTV, choosing to watch home renovation shows on repeat instead of cartoons - although I still make an insane amount of SpongeBob references, don't worry, I'm cultured.

Eventually, I surrendered to the pull and plunged headfirst into design, soaking up every philosophy and principle I could get my hands on. I refused to come up for air until I was confident in my findings (Psst, any Human Design enthusiasts out there? I'm a 5/1 Generator, in case you needed proof of my thirst for knowledge). Since then, I've explored various aesthetics, always returning to minimalist, intentional design. But there was always a caveat.

I missed writing.

I had convinced myself that words were my sole storytelling medium. These limiting beliefs had me teetering back and forth between what my focus should be on, that they couldn't coexist in my heart. Then, I stumbled upon this gem of a quote:


It was the lightbulb moment. Design is visual storytelling, and that's exactly why I adore it. It's a form of expression and communication – visual storytelling at its finest. It's taking the essence of a tale and weaving it into something captivating, just like writing.

So here I am, unapologetically mixing my two loves. Creating dreamy designs infused with and inspired by storytelling magic, and encouraging you to do the same. Blend those passions baby!! You might just create what you’ve been searching for all along.

I'm on a mission to gently and messily unravel stories and retell them in beautiful, visual, and sometimes written ways. Because let's face it, storytelling is an ancient art that never loses its allure and power. Humans yearn for connection, and stories are soul food that invigorate, and inspire us. So, if you're here for the sensitive words, the intentional visuals, or just to feel seen and tap into your fangirl era unashamedly, I'd be beyond honored to weave your story with mine. Whether by crafting something raw, everlasting, and filled with love, mailing you products inspired by all of our favorite stories, or purely by connecting with you on a deeper level. The next chapter of our journey awaits —

Let's embrace the chaos of this life, make some dreamy art, and bask in the softest love.

Your forever daydreamer and new friend,